How to update a scheduled job?

Please follow these steps when you need to edit an already scheduled job:

  • Open Schedule Migration.


  • Click the edit icon in the scheduled


  • Change the Schedule Interval to your requirement.

  • Update the changes.

Data will be migrated in accordance with the changes made.

Scheduled migration did not start after running the 1st Instance of the job. Why?

This happens when the tool is not open or an instance of the same job is in running state. Kindly ensure that the tool is open during the migration period.

What type of migrations can be scheduled?

The following migrations can be scheduled using Saketa SharePoint Migrator:

SharePoint module:

  • Site contents in Site Object Migration
  • Export from SharePoint

File System module:

  • Import to SharePoint
  • Import using External metadata
  • Import Excel data to SharePoint list

Will the tool start a new instance of a job, if an instance is running for more than an hour, in hourly migration?

No, a new instance of a job will not start if an instance is running for more than an hour for an hourly migration.

What is the difference between “completed” and “expired” jobs in the schedule section?

Completed job:

When a single instance of a scheduled job is migrated, the instance will be moved to the Completed tab. The job will be moved back to the Scheduled tab.

Expired job:

A scheduled job will be moved to the Expired tab after the end date of the scheduled migration.

For example, if a job is scheduled for a periodic migration and the end date is given as 27/09/2018, the instances of the job will be migrated and their status will be reflected as completed in the Completed tab until 27/09/2018. After 27/09/2018, the job will not be migrated and it will be moved to the Expired tab, automatically

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