How often are new upgrades available for the Saketa Intranet Suite. Can I opt out?

Upgrades are available once or twice a year. Each release will come with brand new features and functions.

How can I configure and maintain the Saketa Intranet Suite?

Configuring the Saketa Intranet Suite is a simple, 3 step processes.


  1. Select your theme
  2. Fix your layout
  3. Finalize the widgets you want to be seen in your intranet


How do I allow selected users to author content for the widgets in the Saketa Intranet Suite?

Only content authors will have permission to edit. The rest will have read-only permissions i.e.; they cannot make any changes to the page.

What are the various widgets provided by the Saketa Intranet Suite?

Here’s a list of all the widgets:


  1. Birthday- The birthday widget showcases the upcoming birthdays of employees in the next few weeks and encourages the other employees to join in the celebrations.
  2. Carousel- The carousel widget is to share featured updates of your team/organization with the rest of your team.
  3. Dashboard- The dashboard widget enables your employees to have a quick look at the summary statistics of your SharePoint groups, teams and communities.
  4. Employee Recognition- The employee recognition widget showcases the key achievements and contributions of your employees.
  5. Events- The events widget will allow you to keep your employees informed about all the upcoming events so that they can plan their schedule accordingly.
  6. Feedback- This widget allows maintain transparency within your organization by taking feedback from your employees on certain initiatives that are being implemented within the organization.
  7. Gallery- The Gallery widget allows you to share photographs, videos and other media updates with your team/organization.
  8. Latest News- The latest news widget is to keep the employees of your organization updated about everything that’s currently going on in your organization.
  9. Library- The library widget keeps a track of the documents that were authored or shared by you with your team.
  10. Quick contacts- This widget displays the necessary information to contact your employees in case of emergencies.
  11. Quick Links- The quick links widget allows your employees to access the websites that are visited the most
  12. Quick Poll- The quick poll widget allows your employees to provide their inputs/suggestions, thus making them a part of your decision-making process.
  13. Recent Documents- This widget allows your employees to access all the recently created/modified documents with a single click.
  14. Task- This widget allows your employees to plan their schedules as they can view their current work allocations, deadlines etc.,
  15. Team- This widget displays information about your teammates, their email addresses and other details which enhances the chances of collaboration.
  16. Trending- This widget allows your employees to view the most shared documents within a team site.
  17. Twitter- The twitter widget allows you to sync your twitter feed with your intranet.
  18. Yammer- The Yammer widget allows you to connect with people across the organization, which helps increase the chance of collaboration.

How easy is it to change the look and feel of Saketa Intranet Suite to meet my organization branding?


The look and feel of the Saketa Intranet Suite for your organization will be designed in such a way that it reflects your organization’s logo and color. You can choose the background theme, color as per your requirement. It can always be changed in the future.

  1. Open the page where the Saketa Intranet Suite is deployed.
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click + icon
  4. Click Saketa Intranet Manager
  5. In edit mode, click layout & widget theme button
  6. Click Configure
  7. Under the themes option, choose your desired theme

Click Apply

What do I keep in mind when I look for an intranet/digital workspace solution? How can Saketa Intranet Suite help?

An intranet is an important investment for organizations. There are some important things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect intranet solution. Here are a few mistakes to avoid while adapting an intranet:

  1. Make sure to set measurable goals before starting on your intranet journey. This will allow you measure progress on a timely basis, and reduce scope creep to a large extent.
  2. Ensure your solution is easy to use and discovery of new information is relatively simple. Complicated navigation and ineffective search feature
  3. Keep in mind the requirements of the end user (your employees) when designing the intranet. Success or failure relies heavily on their adoption of your intranet, so it is very important to keep in mind how they use the intranet.


For more information, check out our blog on this subject

Is the Saketa Intranet Suite available for mobiles and tablets?


Yes, the Saketa Intranet Suite is fully responsive and is compatible with the native mobile application of SharePoint.

How can I customize the Saketa Intranet Suite to meet the needs of my organization?

The Saketa Intranet Suite is user friendly and simple to navigate. All the widgets offered by Saketa Intranet Suite are plug and play. Users can browse the widgets and add/delete them from their Intranet as they please. For any clarifications, you can drop us a note at

How does the Saketa Intranet Suite Licensing work? Can I evaluate before taking a decision?

Yes, you can evaluate before taking a decision. Kindly get in touch with the Saketa Support team on to license the Saketa Intranet Suite. The number of days you can license the suite is between 15-30 days, depending on the number of licensed Office 365 users in your organization.

How long does it take to adapt a digital workspace for my organization with Saketa Intranet Suite?


Saketa Intranet Suite can be up and running within 4-6 weeks. While the actual deployment itself takes no more than 30 minutes, we would like to talk to organizations and departments on their goals and the best way the Saketa Intranet Suite can assist them. Therefore, for most customers we see that it takes 4-6 weeks. However, if the intranet is relatively simple, it can be deployed sooner.

How is Saketa Intranet Suite different from other intranet/digital workspace solutions available in the market?

Saketa Intranet Suite is built on Microsoft’s latest framework, SPF(x) with a rich interface. There are 3 primary factors that differentiate us from the competition

  1. Ease of content authoring: Authoring and editing content has never been this simple.
  2. Changing themes and Live Previews: The themes including the color and layout can be changed quite easily, with the ability to view a preview before taking a page live.
  3. Content Hubs: Specific pages dedicated to improving productivity across the organization

How can Saketa Intranet Suite can help me in getting a digital workplace for my organization?

Saketa Intranet Suite is the perfect answer to your digital workplace needs. It is an elegantly designed widget based solution with collaboration and engagement built into its core.

Saketa Intranet Suite offers a wide range of functional widgets to choose from. The theme and colors of the page can be based on the branding guidelines of your organization. You can select a layout and content that best fits your content strategy.


For an indicative list of widgets, please visit our Intranet Home Page



How is a digital Workspace different from intranet?

An intranet was designed keeping in mind the workforce of the 90’s, where the primary concern was the availability and accessibility of information. A digital workplace is developed keeping in mind the requirements of the agile, modern workforce, and focuses on structuring the content in a way that allows the employee to easily discover information. Office 365 today comprises multiple tools that focus on collaboration and productivity. The digital workplace complements these tools and allows users to discover information most relevant to them at a time most convenient to them.

How can we adapt a digital workspace on Office 365?

Office 365 provides you with all the tools required to improve collaboration and boost productivity across the organization. Be it Delve that you can use to create your profile or Yammer that you can use as your professional social network or One Drive for Business or Planner, Office 365 provides you with all the resources necessary to boost collaboration among members of the modern workforce. However, it does get tedious to switch between so many apps. SharePoint is a great place to pull in all your apps, and can become the foundation of a robust Office 365 digital workplace.


What is a Digital Workplace?

Digital workplace is the term used to describe the virtual equivalent of a physical workplace. Technology is drastically changing the world today and most organizations are transitioning from a traditional model where everyone is collocated at one place, to a model where employees work remotely in a non-collocated virtual world. This makes collaboration slightly trickier and lays the onus on the organization to break down communication silos and make the employees connecting from different parts of the world feel like they belong there.

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