File System to SharePoint

Can I import items in the same order as they are in Excel?

Yes, you can. You can choose the Do you want to import in a sequential order? option in the copy options pop up before importing.

Can I automate Excel import, (schedule it daily/monthly)?

Yes, you can. Please choose the schedule option in the copy options pop up and select the option that matches your requirement.

Can I create folders using the “Import Excel Data to SharePoint List” option?

No, you cannot. Only List items can be imported using this option.

Can I import attachments while importing items from excel to SP?

Yes, you can. Please choose Preserve Attachments in the copy options pop up in Import Excel Data to SharePoint list in the File System module.

What all extension files are supported in Excel importer?

xls, xlsx, .cvs and xlsm are the extension types that are supported by the Excel importer.

Why is the author of a file not preserved while importing?

There can be two reasons for this:  

1) User may not be available at the destination.

2)  User and group mapping is already done from source to destination.

How we can use “flatten Hierarchy” option while exporting Sites?

The flatten hierarchy option is available in the Export from SharePoint module. Follow these options to use this option:

  1. Enable Export Subwebs in the copy options pop up.

    2. Enable Do you want to flatten hierarchy by exporting all subwebs into the root level of the selected location in the File System?


Is the “Limit number of versions” option available while exporting Files?

Yes, it is. While exporting libraries or sites, you can enable/disable this option. You can also provide a custom number to the version that needs to be exported.

Can we migrate files from different locations in the File System to SharePoint in a single migration?

Yes, you can. Please choose the Import Using External Metadata option in the File System to SharePoint module.

While exporting a List to File System, can we preserve the attachments of the List Items?

Yes, the attachments of the list items will be preserved automatically.

While importing some files, the “modified date” was not preserved. Why is that?

For some files, the created date is more recent than the modified date. In such a case, all the migrated files’ modified date will be assigned the created date of the file, by default.

Although Network Drive is connected to the File System, I am unable to see connected Network drive in Tool. Why?

This will be expected if the user does not have sufficient permissions. Kindly check the permission on the drive which is connected to the File System.

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