Kanban Board

Can I check which tasks are assigned to a specific user?

You can check the tasks assigned to users using the filters provided within the Saketa Kanban Board – In the app, click on the Filter button and select the user whose tasks has to be displayed.

Is there a possibility to add an attachment to a task?

You can add an attachment while creating a task by clicking on Add an Attachment. Additionally, while editing a created task, you have the attachment icon on the OOB ribbon. Clicking this icon will show you the attachment, which you can then view or download.

Can I add, delete or edit the status list of the Kanban Board?

Yes, you can configure the Kanban swim lanes as per your requirements

  1. Log in as the app administrator and click on the Status Configuration button present at the top right corner of the app page.
  2. Click on Add or Delete Status and make the changes as required.
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