Idea Board

I am unable to share the posted idea with other users. They don’t seem to receive an email when I share the idea.

Please check if the following is taken care of

  1. The email of the user with whom the idea is shared needs to configured in the SharePoint User Profile
  2. In the Administration section, please navigate to Manage App Setting->Stop Notification and ensure that the check box is not selected
  3. In the Administration section, please navigate to Email Templates->Stop Notification and ensure that the checkbox there is unchecked
  4. If the problem persists, please

Can I filter the ideas according to a particular user?

Yes, you can filter ideas by users. The steps below explain how you can accomplish this.

  1. Click on the profile picture of the user who has posted the idea in the idea container.
  2. All the ideas that have been posted by the following user will be displayed.

Ideas aren’t being loaded for any of the users, except the Site Collection Administrators and users with Site Owner permissions.

Please check if the membership settings are properly set up. The steps are detailed below for your reference.

  1. Navigate to Site Settings->People and Groups.
  2. Open the relevant group where your colleague’s id has been added
  3. Click on Settings->Group Settings
  4. For the question, who can view the membership of the group, select Everyone
  5. Go back to the application. The user should be able to view the relevant details now.

If the issue persists, please drop us a note at and we will resolve the problem at the earliest.

How can I delete an idea which is posted by some other user?

In order to delete an idea, you must be a part of the group Idea Board – App Owners. Please contact your app administrator to add your credentials to the group, following which you can delete ideas posted by other users.

Is there any possible way to stop the email notifications in Idea Board app?

Yes, you can stop the email notifications. Please follow the steps below to set it up.

  1. Open the site, logged in with Owners permissions.
  2. Click on Administration button and then Manage App Settings.
  3. Checkmark the Stop Notifications
  4. Now you wouldn’t receive any mail from the app.

I am unable to like or comment on the ideas in Idea Board. How can I do that?

Please ensure that the points mentioned below are taken care of.

  1. Ensure that sufficient permissions are given on the application. You must be a part of the Owners group or the Members group to be able to comment on ideas.
  2. Ensure that the app is not in the read-only mode. To check this, navigate to Administration->Manage App Settings and confirm that the App Read Only field is unchecked.
  3. If the problem persists, please contact us at

How do I add more idea boxes? I can only edit the existing ones.

Please note that you must be an administrator for the Idea Board application to add/modify the idea boxes. Once you have the required permissions, please navigate to Administration->Idea Box

If you face any further problems with respect to adding more idea boxes, please contact us at

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