For Site template mappings, can I map Subsite template to Site Collection template?

No, Subsite templates cannot be mapped with Site collection templates. This is because, while creating a Subsite, Site collection templates will not be available.

I have merged a list. But, after migration, I’m unable to find the recent changes in the dependency list. Why is the dependency list not merged at the destination?

Dependencies will not be modified if they are already present at the destination. To update a particular list, please migrate that particular dependency list individually.

Is InfoPath form migration supported by the tool?

Yes, InfoPath form migration is supported by Saketa SharePoint Migrator.

What is Incremental Load?

Choose the Incremental Load option when you want to migrate files/folder/Items that are created/modified within a specific date range.

This option is supported by  Site Object Migration (List/Library & Web) and Content Migration.

How can I migrate files/items which are recently updated? Is there any option to migrate only the updated files/items?

Please select the option Copy if newer in the copy options pop up, if you wish to migrate only the recently updated files/items.

Does “limit number of versions” work for dependency lists?

Yes, this option will work for dependency lists.

If I select “limit number of latest versions”, will the metadata of the previous versions be deleted?

No, the metadata of the previous version will be preserved in the first version of the available version of the file, at the destination.

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