How to configure reminder or escalation notifications for Saketa timesheet?

Saketa Timesheet does not only make the time tracking process simple and easy, additionally, it can also send the users timely reminders and alerts if not filled in time.

Due to the limitations with packaged solutions in SharePoint add-ins, it is not configured by default. Instead, the app administrators can follow the instructions and SDK provided in the downloadable document below to set it up.

The notifications/alerts can

  • Mail reminders for pending Timesheet to all users.
  • Mail approvers to submit audit remarks for submitted timesheets.
  • Mail to Project Manager to review their pending timesheets.
  • Provide a Direct Connection to navigate to pending timesheet.

Download the SDK with step-by-step documentation to setup the alerts to make your experience with Saketa timesheets seamless and more effective.

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