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Why are workflow tasks not associated after migration? Why is the history list also null?

This is because, workflow tasks will not be associated with the workflow instances after migration. These workflow tasks are created by running a SharePoint Workflow instance itself.

Note- Before Migration, you should ensure, that, all workflow instances are completed as we cannot preserve workflow instances after migration.

Why OOTB workflows are not working after migration?

The user should manually configure the OOTB workflows after migration, at the destination to use them again. For more information on this, kindly get in touch with the Saketa Support team.

If “Workflow” option is disabled in the copy options pop up in the Workflow tab, will my workflows be migrated?

Yes, your workflows will be migrated successfully to the destination site. That option is given to migrate workflows on dependencies.

Note– User and Group mapping or other copy options are useful whenever there are dependencies related to workflows. If there are no dependencies in the workflow, then, these options are not essential.

After migrating a list/library, some of their workflows are missing at the destination. Why is that?

This can happen because of one of the following two scenarios:

  • In the first scenario, when the workflow option is disabled in the Copy options pop up, it is possible for some of the workflows to go missing at the destination. To avoid this, simply enable the Workflow option in the Copy options pop up, before migrating a list/library.
  • In the second scenario, the workflows are configured for No instance at the source. Try changing this configuration at the source before migrating to prevent missing workflows.

Does the tool support the migration of 2007/2010 designer workflows?

Yes, migration of all the workflows created by SharePoint designer is supported by Saketa SharePoint Migrator. However, kindly note that they should be properly attached/published at the source.

Can we migrate code workflows?

No, you cannot. Saketa SharePoint Migrator does not support the migration of code workflows.

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