Organization Chart

How can I change the name and Logo of the Saketa Organization Chart app?

The ideal way to use the Organization Chart app is its app part. It is therefore highly recommended to add this app part on your site page. This will allow you to maintain the logo and app as per your requirements.

I can search for an employee, but when I select it, I cannot view that particular person in the Organization Chart.

Please ensure that the employee is not his own manager. In such cases, that particular person won’t show up in the org chart.

Where do I find the configuration link in the app?

Please note that you need to be a Site Collection Administrator to have access to the Configuration link.

If we purchase a license of Saketa Organization Chart, would we be able to install and use the app on multiple site collections and sites?

You can take a license for a single site or multiple sites. We realize that you may want to install the app on multiple sites and use each site for a specific function or a department. This scenario is factored into our pricing model. For further details, please contact us at

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