Employee Directory

What is the difference between the Employee Directory and the Employee Directory – Pro?

Please find below a comparison grid and pricing for both the versions of the Employee Directory – the Employee Directory and the Employee Directory – Pro.


Feature Employee Directory –
Employee Directory
Configurable Filters  ✓  ✓
General Search  ✓  ✓
My Profile section for each user  ✓  ✓
Change app logo and name  ✓  ✓
Change background and card colors  ✓  ✓
Configure what is shown on the cards  ✓  ✓
Exclude employees based on various attributes or entire domains  ✓  ✓
In-app engagement
(mail, IM, and call from within the application)  ✓  ✓
Export Directory to Excel/PDF in tabular format  ✓
Composite filters for narrowing search further
(For e.g. Employees in the HR Department at the Seattle office)  ✓
Rename the filters after configuring them  ✓
Copy link to the filtered results and share it with your colleagues  ✓
App part with filtered view and a general search  ✓

When I open the Employee Directory app, I see a white screen with the header and footer, but I am unable to see the directory. Why?

Ensure that the logged in user has an email id associated with their SharePoint profiles record. To check if there is an email Id associated, please visit the logged in user’s SharePoint User Profile and look for the email ID field. If the email ID is not present, please add the email ID and retry.

Can we select multiple filters at a time in Saketa Employee Directory?

In the Saketa Employee Directory – Pro, you can filter by multiple attributes, thereby considerably reducing the time taken to find your colleagues.

Does the Saketa Employee Directory provides the printing functionality?

The Saketa Employee Directory – Pro allows you to export and print the Employee Directory.

I have added a filter in the General tab under Administration in Saketa Employee Directory but still I am unable to see that filter in the ‘Filters’ section of the directory

Ensure that the attribute has at least one value for any of the Employees in Active Directory. If no employee has the attribute, then the filter will not display. For e.g. if you have defined a Hobbies attribute, then please ensure that the hobbies have been entered by the employees, and the same is reflected in the Active Directory.

I am unable to see the Administration link in Saketa Employee Directory. What do I do?

Ensure that you have Full Control Permissions on the site where the application has been installed or you are the Site Collection Administrator. You need to at least be a Site Collection Administrator to see the Administration link.

Is there any way where I can change the names of the filter in Saketa Employee Directory?

The Saketa Employee Directory – Pro allows you to rename filters as per your convenience.

I can see duplicate nodes of employees. Is there anything I can do to hide duplicate nodes?

If you are seeing duplicate nodes then this could be an issue of User Profile Search Services. Please follow the below steps to check if the data is being duplicated:

  1. Go to Site search – People and search for the person whose node is showing up more than once
  2. If the search results display 2 records, then it confirms that duplicate profiles are shown from SharePoint search service itself. Please contact your SharePoint Administrator to get the problem rectified.
  3. If it displays only one record and the node still shows up as a duplicate, please feel free to contact us at support@saketa.com .

Does the Saketa Employee Directory can export to excel?

The Saketa Employee Directory – Pro gives you the ability to export the entire directory to a PDF/Excel.

Is there a way to hide users from Saketa Employee Directory?

The Exclude Filters feature provided is used to hide the users from Employee Directory.

  1. Click on the Administration tab and open Manage App Configurations.
  2. From here, go to Exclude Filters tab and apply the required conditions in order to hide particular employees from displaying in the Saketa Employee Directory.

Where is the data of the Employee Directory coming from?

Saketa Employee Directory fetches data from SharePoint User Profiles that is in turn mapped with that of Active Directory via SharePoint Search Services.

How many exclude filters can I add?

You can add as many exclude filters as you like and there are no limits as such.  Still, it is recommended to identify a common user profile attribute, for all the accounts that need to be removed from directory.

Example 1: All vendor accounts should be removed.

  • Go to Exclude Filter tab from the administration.
  • Enter attribute name Employee Type; give its value as Vendor.
  • Add filter and Save. Refresh directory page and check. Vendor accounts get hidden from the app.

Example 2: All the accounts that have “.au” in their email, should be removed.

  • Go to Exclude Filter tab from the administration.
  • Select WorkEmail from Filter by condition drop list.
  • In the adjacent text box enter “.au”.
  • Add filter and Save. Refresh the directory page and check that those accounts have been removed.

Both the examples are based on the assumption that AD hold these attributes and corresponding values.

We have over a 100 disabled/hidden accounts. How can I exclude or hide them?

There are 2 ways you can accomplish this.

  1. From outside the app: Contact your SharePoint admin (or Microsoft team for O365) to filter out all the disabled accounts. Microsoft automatically runs regular crawls for O365, and this will later reflect in the Employee Directory application.
  2. From within the app: Exclude filter feature in the Administration->Manage Configurations helps you exclude the accounts. All you need to do is, to provide an attribute value that is common to these disabled accounts.

Employee Directory App displays default SharePoint image instead of the User added (or AD) Profile Pictures. How to get the images of all the employees in the app?

Please ensure that the steps mentioned below are taken care of.

  1. Ensure that the user has uploaded his profile picture in his Delve/Outlook. If not, please upload the picture. Please note that once the pictures are uploaded, it takes up to 1 week for Microsoft to do a sync with the User Profiles.
  2. Once the picture is uploaded in Outlook/Delve, please note that the user should open their Delve at least once.
  3. If the user’s profile picture was never uploaded in AD or through Outlook, SharePoint, etc. then the first letters of his first name and last name would be displayed in place of the profile picture.
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